For drum tracks, you can send an MP3 or Wave audio file of the song, preferably played to a click, with the tempo noted and any style or feel you want it to have.  We will cut the drum tracks and send you an MP3 for your approval, and you can get the tracks or a mix of the drum tracks if you desire.  Of course, if you would like, we can mix your song for you as well.

For full album projects we can offer a very competitively priced package.  Rates are given on a per project base, as there are many factors to consider.  We will work with you to help in getting the best product at a great price.

For songwriter demos we can do everything from acoustic/vocal demos to full band productions.  Rates vary according to instrumentation required, etc.

800lb Productions does everything from professionally recorded drum tracks, to full production recordings.  We have access to great musicians, vocalists, and even other studios as well as our own project studio.  We can fit most any budget, and our goal is the best sounding project for the money possible.  We can offer advice on getting the most out of your money, and getting the highest quality project possible.

Please visit to our Contact page and we will be glad to respond to any questions you might have about rates, services, and for that matter, anything you would like to know about us.  Thank you for your consideration!