Cubase 6 based DAW rig, using a custom built Quad-Core PC


Fireface 800 Interface

UA LA-610


UA 4-710d

Presonus Digimax-FS

Chameleon Labs 7602

Aphex Tubessence

3 UAD cards including a UAD 2-Quad and 2 UAD 1 cards with a healthy assortment of plugins

Adam A-7 Monitors


Native Instruments Komplete

BFD 2.0

Drumagog Platinum

Melodyne Studio 3.2 and Melodyne Editor with DNA


Frontier Tranzport

Frontier Alpha Track

M-Audio Midisport 4X4


Shure, Audio Technica, Cascade, Equation, Sennheiser,

Oktava, Sterling Audio, MXL , and EV microphones


Alesis QS8 Keyboard Interfaced with all VST Instruments

DW 5 pc drumset, with Zildjian cymbals

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